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When singing up for a web hosting service, you will want to consider adding a private domain service. Though you may not be aware of it, any person can access the personal information about who you are if you have purchased a web domain and hosting service. However, most hosting companies will offer a service where they will be the proxy for any information that is available, thereby forcing individuals to go way out of their way to obtain this information.

Proxies4U offers the best proxy server at a price you can afford. We provide quality service and have some of the best servers on the market, and you won’t find them anywhere else. Our customers are important to us, which is why we’re one of the best proxy providers on the market. We have trained staff with years of combined experience, and we have implemented the best strategies by which we maintain our servers. So, you can be sure to get the best in both price and value. Our servers have minimal downtime because we use the latest technology, and we can provide it at an affordable price. We work hard to make sure your information will always be safe.

Services Offered:

Best Premium Proxy Servers

We offer our customers the best service that their money can buy. As one of the leading providers of proxy servers on the market, our customers get a secure web-browsing experience that is free from restriction and bypasses all Internet restrictions, and at the same time always feel safe with improved online security. Get a great proxy server option that’s best for your needs.

VPN for Internet Security

Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses end-to-end encryption to secure any data that gets transmitted from one point to another. It’s useful if someone is trying to access a private server from a public network, because it creates a secure tunnel of communication through which data can be transmitted.

Improve Security

Proxy servers may also have a role in improving security, especially when used in business networks. They can be set to block access to malicious websites that distribute malware and they can also provide encryption services so that your data is not easily sniffed by third-parties that want to get their hands on it.

Unblock Websites

We provide access to blocked resources on the internet. A very popular use for proxy servers is the bypassing of Internet censorship. Some countries censor access to many websites and services on the Internet. Users in those countries can use proxy servers to circumvent this censorship and get access to them.

Bandwidth Savings & Improved Speed

Another reason why companies use proxy servers is that it helps them save precious bandwidth. Proxy servers can compress traffic, cache files and web pages from the Internet and even strip ads from websites before they reach your computer. This allows companies to save bandwidth, especially when they have hundreds or thousands of employees, accessing mostly the same popular websites. This both saves bandwidth for the company and makes the loading process faster for the next person that requests the same resource.

Privacy Benefits: Hide Your IP Address, Location & Other Information

When you have a direct connection to the Internet, when you load a website on the Internet, the server where it is hosted can see your IP address. With the help of this address it can approximate your geographical location. Also, the browser sends its user agent information and the website knows what browser you are using. On top of this, cookies are stored on your computer which provide further personal information.

Proxy servers can hide your IP address, can send a different user agent so that your browser is not identified and can block cookies or accept them but not pass them to your PC or device. Therefore, when using a proxy server, you can be a lot more anonymous than when using a direct connection to the Internet.